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Rafting Team has been supporting Eco tourism and sustainable tourism from the every corner of its field. In this regards we are promoting concept of village tourism and finding new route every year so that we can bring the tourism in those area where people can generate more income from it.We have been supporting many project related to community, environment & education. As our business nature is more related to trekking and Mountaineering, we have been following five guide line of IPPG. Here are more details about the project we are running and our comments towards Responsible Tourism. Please do feel free to join us any field you are interested in.

Environment Friendly: Nepal, for all its massive mountain peaks and impressive geography, is actually an incredibly fragile environment. At Rafting Team our lives have revolved around the Mountain & free flowing river. We feel an increased responsibility to protect and preserve these wild places. Not only do we leave every campsite cleaner than when we have arrived, we have taken steps to protect Nepals Mountain & rivers and the people who live along them.
We pioneered the use of kerosene and LPG gas on all of our adventure trips in the Himalaya/River and virtually wrote the manual on effective waste disposal on treks/raft so as not to degrade the environment. All of our vehicles meet the emission standards in the cities, towns and other areas that they ply in. Pollution takes away the beauty and threatens the fragile ecosystem of the country. We will leave therefore nothing behind us except foot prints and take with us only good memories and photographs.

Respect for Local Cultures & give back to the communities: Our field staff and guides have been taught to respect the local cultures of the places that they visit and guide our clients into. We believe in travel as a learning experience and hope that you will be able to learn from the people of the Himalaya about their way of life, their cultures, their customs and their beliefs. To that end, most of our programmes are designed so that you will have opportunities to meet the local people and interact with them but, we do ask that you be sensitive to their way of life. Carry pictures from home. These work wonders in bridging the language barrier.Beside this Rafting Team knows the importance of giving back to the mountain communities; we therefore have been building Water Tap, School and Orphanage home in the rural area of the country.

Education is the most important things for the children; therefore we aim to provide education for those children who are not able to go to School because of many reasons. We have begun a child sponsorship program for the placement of street children, orphans and other homeless or very poor children in boarding schools in Kathmandu. We are now sponsoring childrens of different place. We have been donating 10% of our profit in the different activities and we are proud ourselves to be able to share these things with communities.

Strongly follow IPPG (International Porter Protection Group) Five Guidelines Working towards a Sustainable and Ethical Trekking Industry.
For your kind information we follow all these five guide lines of IPPG on our all the trips.
A) Adequate clothing should be provided to porters for their protection in bad weather and at altitude. This means windproof jacket and trousers, fleece jacket, long johns, suitable footwear (leather boots in snow), socks, hat, gloves and sunglasses.
B) Above the tree line, porters should have a dedicated shelter, either a room in a lodge or a tent (the trekkers mess tent is not good enough as it is not usually available till late evening), a sleeping pad and a blanket (or sleeping bag). They should also be provided with food and warm drinks, or cooking equipment and fuel.
C) Porters should be provided with the same standard of medical care as you would expect for yourself, including insurance.
D) Porters should not be paid off because of illness/injury without the leader or the trekkers assessing their condition carefully. The person in charge of the porters must let their trek leader or the trekkers know if a porter is about to be paid off; failure to do this has resulted in many deaths. Sick/injured porters should never be sent down alone, but with someone who speaks their language and understands their problem, along with a letter describing their complaint. Sufficient funds should be provided to cover cost of rescue and treatment.
E) No porter should be asked to carry a load that is too heavy for their physical abilities. Weight limits may need to be adjusted for altitude, trail and weather conditions; good judgment is needed to make this decision. 30 kg load should be a maximum.

We have been running so many projects at present. Among them here are some:

School Building: Ghampeswori Primary School at Sunkhani 9, Geruwagaun.
Story:After hearing the request from the school committee we had agreed to sponsor the school building. There were just two blocks with 4 rooms and there were not enough rooms for the students to study. They had to keep two different classes in the same room or sometimes even one class outside in the open ground.

Here, we had cooperated with to build this block. We also repaired old buildings with new doors, windows and roof as it was almost unusable and sometimes even the rain water goes inside the room. Now the students and the school committee are very happy to get new rooms with doors, windows, roof and furniture.

School Toilet
Before we started to help this school, there was no toilet and the students have to use the bushes. By seeing this miserable condition of the teachers and the student, we had decided to build separate toilets for them. Now they are glad to have systematic toilets.

Drinking Water: 

The students of this school were from poor background. So they were not able to afford water bottles for themselves. They just came to school without carrying water. Whenever they got thirsty they have to go the river which is 5 minutes far from the school. So we had bought 1000 litrs.water tank for them and the water is brought through pipes from the safe spring.

School Dress For School Childreen:

 As we told you that the students were from poor background, their parents were not able to afford school dress for their children. They dont have any proper school dress. After seeing the situation of the students we realized that sponsoring a school dress, school bags along with copy, pencils and eraser can be a good idea to encourage students to study. We therefore have sponsored school dress, bags, copy, pencils and eraser for the students of this school.

Upgrading of the School and Student Scholorship:

The school was just the primary school. After finishing the grade these students has to go a long way to the other school for the secondary education. We realized that if we could upgrade the school up to secondary level, the students should not have to walk two hours each day through the forest and crossing the river to reach the other school. We therefore have deposited Rs.75000 as a guarantee to the government to make sure that we will be able to run this school up to secondary level. Now the childrens and the school committee are very happy to have (Secondary Level) in their school board.

Sponsor of the orphanage in various topic:

Double Decker bed to the Orphanage:

We also have sponsored double decker bed to the orphanage home in Gongabu. The orphan children were found sleeping in a floor just with the mattress. We therefore have sponsored them with double Decker bed. Now the orphans and the handicapped children are happy getting a cozy and comfortable bed for themselves.

Solar for the orphanage home:

The orphans children had to take chilling shower in the winter. They were found shivering and crying when the maid lady told them to take shower. So, here we have sponsored them with the solar hot water. Now every children are found taking bath without crying and shivering.

Clothes for the orphanage:

The orphans children were found not having enough clothes for themselves. They had to wear a single pair of T-shirt even in a cold winter. So we had sponsored them with warm clothes, shoes, jacket and so on.

Furniture for the Orphanage:

We had sponsored furniture like dining table, book selves, racks, tables and so on to the orphanage.Apart from these things we also have sponsored Washing Machine, Computers, Copies, Pencils, Pens, Eraser, Playing Toys, Sports materials etc. to the orphanage.

Just Finished Project:
School dress and bag for the students at Kumveshwor Lower secondary School:

Education plays a vital role for the development of a Nation. We therefore have sponsored to another school at Sunkhani 9, Nuwakot. We had sponsored all children with school dresses and bags as they were not having any proper school uniform.

Repairing of old school building: 

We also have repaired old school building with door, windows, toilet and plaster on the floor. We also have provided chair and Table for whole  class so they can sit on a chair instead of floor.

Kaptan House:

Story: Kaptan is  a old man of 75 years . He has two small kids alone with wife. They used to live in a countryside of Nuwakot, north of Kathmandu in a very old house. Kaptan had lost  the sight of his one eye and another eye was also effected with  eye diseases so operation was necessary. During the monsoon time when they were  not at home the house was collapsed and they become home less. They had to sleep  night in the open sky in the monsoon time and hardly get some space on their neighbors house.

As he was very very poor, person with no eye sight and had to take care of children and wife so it was impossible for him to be able to make something by himself.

So we  have decided to sponsor  him one nice house. The house was built. The children were sent to school with new dress and Kaptan is sleeping in a new house with Brand new Bed, blanket, mattress!We also took him to Eye hospital and gave him treatment. Kaptan can see from his one eye now and enjoy his new house alone with children going for school. We also have sponsor his two children to the school so we are paying their fees, dress, book and copy and some pocket money.

Thanks to Griessbach Family for supporting Kaptan House project.

New school block for Kumbeshwori School, Sunkani nearly finished project.

As the school room was insufficient to run the secondary school so we have sponsor one block with two rooms where atleast 100 students can sit and study comfortably. The result of new block made easier for those students who should go 2 hr walking to the next school for their higher education as their school was not able to give them secondary education because of shortage of class room.

Thanks to both Manfred Roedermund and Manfred Loesert for their effort. Without them it would have not been possible. Namaste from the student and orphanage of Nepal!
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