Rafting Adventures

We choose our departures to coincide with optimum river levels and climate, as we like worm water and sunshine. The entire rivers we run are free flowing and river levels can fluctuate dramatically over the season. High water provides the exhilaration of greater speed, bigger waves, and challenging rafting. Lower flows require tight teamwork and more precise maneuvering.

The ratings in this web site are based on the flows we normally run. Actual water levels during your trip may be higher and the river more demanding.

It is important to select the journey that suits your interests and abilities. The river grade and time of year are factors that could influence your choice. Our trips range from gentle floats in the wilderness to some of the world's most exciting whitewater. We are happy to help you decide which trip to choose.

1-2 Easy: Flat water, little current and mild waves.

3 Moderate: Waves, swift current and narrow channels. Paddling is modestly physical.

4-5 Difficult: powerful water, constricted channels, steep drops and the possibility of overturning a raft. Paddling is challenging and at times strenuous.

6 By definition unrunnable : Something best attempted after your lover leaves you.

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