About Rafting Team

22 years running expeditions Nepal all wild river have shaped Rafting Team trips. Self-bailing rafts, new life jackets, helmets, dry bags for gear, perfect tent makes dealing with an expedition the experience it should be.

Our talented guides are the essence of our operation. Skilled as boat captain and chef, trained in CPR and first-aid, naturalist and culture interpreter, these inter-training and enthusiastic individuals do their utmost to make your experience a memorable one. Dedicated to the thrill of running wild rivers, many have pioneered exhilarating descents worldwide. We combine their experience to offer you the adventure of a lifetime.

The quality of trips and safety of participants is our primary concern. No previous experience is required; in fact most of clients have never rafted before. Our guides will thoroughly instruct you on all aspects of rafting and river safety at the start of each journey. Once trained, the paddle crew can work in harmony with their guide to maneuver a raft down the most challenging rapids. Safety kayakers are always along on high-water expeditions.

We run all trips with total respect for the environment and cultures of the land. Based in Nepal we provide real benefits to local economies, employing and training staff, purchasing all supplies and services on site, and supporting people in the areas we visit. We make a special point of using gas stoves for cooking when driftwood is not readily available. The pre-departure briefing addresses cultural interaction issues. We feel this is especially important to make sure this impact of our trips and personal experience is positive. Placing service above all else, we devote ourselves wholeheartedly to making every trip the finest possible.

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